Addressing Fire Damage – Simple Tips To Do To Clean Up After A Fire

Addressing Fire Damage – Simple Ti...

The damage that is left out after a fire has taken place is a lot. During the cleaning of the same it may not only be tiring physically but also you may end up getting affected emotionally especially if you are the individual who has suffered the loss. However, it is necessary that the cleaning is conducted to erase part of the memories of the tragic accident. The following are some of the guidelines that you may consider when you are cleaning a fire incident area.

1.Clean up the trash.

Ensure that you only conduct this after the insurance company has completed its activities in the same. This is in the case that you had an insurance cover on the fire risk. In the case that the fire was very extensive you might consider hiring a dumper service to help you in the same. Try starting with those materials that may encourage the growth of mold due to lots of dumpy areas. For the case of some not so damaged items then you can try cleaning them and if it seems not possible to throw them away.

2.Disposing edibles.

Ensure that you remove all the edibles in your house after the fire. Do not consume any of the edibles in your house which has been exposed to a flame. This is because when a chemical compound is exposed to flames then a reaction may occur making the food poisonous.

3.Ensure that you are well protected.

While cleaning ensure that you are well covered with the necessary protective gear while conducting the activity. In the case that you are cleaning some few minutes after the fire has been put off then you may be exposed to some flames that are not yet out. Also, you can be exposed to cuts by broken glass. Therefore, you should be extremely careful.

4.Soot cleaning.

You may notice that during the cleaning exercise the soot does not come off easily. The best way to handle soot is by the use of TSP tri-sodium phosphate that can be used to clean floors and walls. Ensure that it is well mixed with water before use.


Your house may be exposed to the growth of mold once you have put out a fire. This is due to the presence of moisture from the fire extinguishers and water itself. Dry out the room completely to prevent this from happening in future. Water damage is very common when it comes to a fire.

With this tips then you can restore your house back to normal after a fire.