Repairing Water Damage In The Foundation And The Basement

Repairing Water Damage In The Foundation And The Basement

If you suffer water damage in your home, it may be possible to do some of the repairs yourself.  One thing for sure, any water damage must be repaired quickly; otherwise it can create more damage and eventually require a professional to make the repair.

Basement And Foundation

The foundation and the basement are two of the most likely areas in the home to sustain water damage.  If you have a flood or a burst pipe, chances are the basement will flood as well.  Water damage can also occur when water stands to close the foundation walls or seeps into the basement or crawlspace through cracks in the foundation.

Foundation Issues

If see moisture on your interior foundation walls or see if running into the basement, it is time to check the foundation.  Look carefully for small cracks or holes, especially along the bottom of the foundation wall along the ground.  When you see a crack or split, patch it with waterproof repair material so the leak is fixed.  Then, look at the ground along the foundation.  Is it mounted up against the wall?  If so, level it out and slope it slightly away from the foundation walls.  This encourages water to drain away from the foundation instead of toward it.  Also, check your gutters to ensure they are draining properly.  Clogged gutters can send water straight down the walls of your home, puddling against the foundation.  Ensure all gutters are clear of debris and not clogged in any way.  It is also a good idea to ensure all drain spouts are pointing away from the house and that the run-off drains away, not toward the foundation.

Flooded Basements

If you basement floods, the first thing you will need to do is get it empty and dry. If you have a sump pump, check it to ensure it si working.  Once it is working correctly, turn it on and allow it to work on draining off excess water.  If your power is out, try getting a battery-operated sump pump as a backup to your regular one.  While the water is draining, open all the windows and doors to allow for cross ventilation. Once the water is completely drained, place floor model industrial fans in a few places to help dry out the basement.  As long as you get to the water quickly,  you should not have any issues with mold or mildew.

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